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Creator Language

October 19th, 2022|Featured Article, Health and Wellness, Leadership|

Our world is malleable. Reality is like Play-Doh.  We are the sculptors. We can shape our surroundings to fit into any desire.  The first step is to select our language consciously. Because our words create our lives.  Every syllable that we speak either frees or imprisons us. On one hand, we can employ empowering language to liberate ourselves from the

The Aligned Leader (P.III)

July 29th, 2022|Leadership, Uncategorized|

FIRE: ACT WITH CONFIDENCE Defining your daily intention and priority gifts you the clarity to complete the final step: Act with confidence.  When you act with confidence, you will manifest your vision more quickly and powerfully. The more masterfully that we manifest our visions, the more trust that we gain from those around us. When we fire without confidence, we

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