Ready. Aim. Fire.

The wisdom of this simple formula has been lost by so many leaders in today’s world. Many individuals and companies just fire away in any direction at any time, which diminishes their success and destabilizes their communities.

We do this because we have not primed ourselves for the day. We have not established the intention, goal and confidence that will empower us to fulfill our missions. 

With the rise of the home office during the pandemic, we have stopped getting ready for work. We wake up, check our phones, and get triggered by texts and emails before even getting out of bed. We start our days in fight, flight, freeze or appease mode, letting our external reality catapult us in any direction it desires. 

When we live from this reactive space, life happens to us. We behave like victims, not leaders. Instead of acting creatively and dynamically, we act frenetically. This replaces the trust of our teams, clients and families with doubt. They then start to act frenetically too.

We can lead from alignment instead of chaos with a conscious application of that classic formula.


Good leaders know who they are. Excellent leaders know why they are. 

The first step to showing up as an aligned leader is to set an intention each morning that will advance your overall mission. If your mission is your life “Why,” then your intention is your daily “why.”

This daily intention implores your every thought, word, action and day to further your mission. This is how you can start to make life happen through you and for you rather than to you.

Your intention also will keep you on track when you face fears, doubts or obstacles. When life throws you off center, your intention will offer you an anchor to return to.

When we lead from our intentions, we show up more consistently because we always act in alignment with our missions. This builds trust in us as leaders among our teams, clients and families.

We even can be more intentional with our intentions. Most leaders set their intentions from their minds. Aligned leaders set their intentions from their spirits. 

Your spirit can communicate an intention to you when you are present in your body and mind. A morning practice that honors all three layers of your being can generate this state of presence.

Complete your a.m. ritual before checking your text messages, social media feeds or emails so that you align the day with your intention instead of others’.

Below is a sample morning routine that will set your whole system up to lead intentionally:

  1. Shower

Take a shower to start the day fresh. Culminate your cleanse with 30-60 seconds of cold water. The lower temperature will wake you up, increase your physical and mental resilience so that your external world does not sway or bother you as much, and train you to stay present in uncomfortable situations so that you can act from your intention instead of your resistance.

  1. Meditate

Sit in meditation for a few minutes to focus your energy on yourself. Start by turning inward and focusing on your breath. Once you have settled in, ask yourself: “How do I want to show up in the world today?” or, “How do I want to be, think, feel and act today?” From this deep space of presence, watch as your spirit reveals your daily intention. Breathe into it. Then, set your intention in your heart so that it can serve as your center throughout the day.

  1. Nourish

Feed yourself foods that satiate, energize and lighten you. My go-to breakfast is a morning smoothie that features protein, greens and superfoods. Try this for one week and notice whether you feel less hungry, brighter and slimmer. This elevated state will optimize your body and mind to fulfill your spirit’s intention.




Much Love,


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