Maybe you roll your eyes at the idea of manifesting your goals or dreams. Or perhaps you tried it but feel like you didn’t do it “well enough.”

Stop judging the concept and your initial outcomes. Instead, open to your power to create change so that you can manifest your life. Everything on the planet is shifting, so the time is now.

You are a manifesting machine, but you have no idea how powerful you are because you’re not paying attention.

You manifest all that you think, feel, say and do. You don’t realize it yet, but you create everything that you see in your life – your relationships, your job, your home, and every experience that you have.

It’s your life, so who else did you think was creating it? Someone or something outside of you? You and no one else are responsible for your life in every moment. The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else in between.

So, wake up! And start manifesting consciously to create the life that you want. Not what you think you want and especially not some picture of what someone else told you to want.

Get in the game. Be an active player in your own life. Get your head out of your ass and into the present moment. Here’s how:

Manifesting Preparation: Awareness

Last week, I gave you a framework for building awareness. Awareness empowers you to manifest from choice in the present moment rather than patterns from the past, especially fear.

Manifesting from present moment requires you to get clear on where you are and where you want to be. And then to feel, see and sense the gap between them.

Making a big change in your life can be scary, but remembering that you are the author of your own life can embolden you to commit to it. When you feel self-doubt kick in, reframe it as your mind’s strategy for keeping you safe by holding you in your comfort zone.

That’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, refocus your mind on your decision to elevate your life.

You don’t have to have everything figured out. You just need to trust that the Universe is a safe, friendly place and that you are supported as you make these critical life pivots. Manifesting is all about staying positive and trusting that your higher power is guiding you to your perfect life. Bring your mind back to a “can-do” attitude and take the next step.

Manifesting Equation: Less Fear, More Joy

Now that you have gotten clear on the gap in your life and have overcome your resistance to closing it, it’s time to remove your fear. Fear acts as a roadblock to your desired destination.

The more fear you have, the more roadblocks you create for yourself, and the harder and longer the road to change becomes. Instead of following a straight line, your path becomes windy and turbulent.

When you remove fear, anything can become possible. You can create anything in that moment.

Stop doubting yourself, your power and your abilities. Start to see who you are and what you are capable of. Like, right now!

Your next step is to add more joy to your life to manifest what you want quickly.

You can increase your joy by reducing your fear. As you decrease your fear, your access to joy naturally can increase. They almost form an inverse relationship.

Less fear = More joy.

You also can approach this from the opposite direction by just going for more joy. Start to add joy to your life by being “in joy”: Enjoy what you do. Or do more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t.

More joy = Less fear.

Getting clear on the gap and swapping fear for joy liberate you to manifest your desires instantly. This equation is simple, and it works. But it isn’t necessarily easy.

You now will need to go test it, practice it, and learn to trust it. Start with a small desire: a parking spot, some extra cash, or a few free add-ons. Or start with something huge: a new car, job or partner.

The Universe isn’t going to create your dreams for you, but it wants you to have what you desire. More importantly, the Universe doesn’t deal in big or small; only you and your judgments do.

So, remove your judgments and you can manifest anything and everything that you want in every moment. Yeah, that’s a big statement, and I believe it. Do you?

Dedicated to your growth,