Defining your daily intention and priority gifts you the clarity to complete the final step: Act with confidence. 

When you act with confidence, you will manifest your vision more quickly and powerfully. The more masterfully that we manifest our visions, the more trust that we gain from those around us.

When we fire without confidence, we react instead of respond. Usually, our reaction arises from fear. For example, we search for validation every time an email arrives or a customer complains. 

When we move from fear, we can become dangerous. Fear blurs our focus and causes turmoil, leaving a wave of collateral damage in our wake. 

This can leave us wondering why we are not getting the results we want. Even worse, it can leave our teams, clients and families feeling hurt and afraid. This weakens their ability to co-create with us.

Employ the following strategies to fire with confidence:

  1. Transmit

We transmit our beliefs, habits and emotions to our teams. This does not just affect their performances at work. It also affects their personal health and their families’ health. 

Whatever we experience as leaders also rolls downhill. This means that our transmission picks up intensity the farther down the chain it travels.

We can stoke more success by disseminating calmness and confidence rather than stress and fear. When we are calm and confident, we act in a way that assures others that we have a plan, which deepens their trust in us.

From this space, our energy talks for us, and others can relax around us. As we relax, so too will our team. As our team relaxes, they also can operate from confidence. This will boost our company’s success.

To upgrade your transmission as a leader, repeat this mantra daily: “I am calm and confident.”

  1. Measure

As your confidence accelerates, so will your productivity. Measure this surge to cultivate faith in your new approach to leadership.

As a result of slowing down, you actually now may be able to speed up. With more intentionality, planning and confidence, you will enhance your effectiveness and efficiency, which will make you more productive. 

You will expend less energy yet generate higher quality. In business terms, you will decrease your input and increase your output. This will save you and your staff from burnout, which is caused by the opposite combination of variables: less output from more input.

The first time I teach this concept to students, they tend to look at me side-eyed. I always smile back at them because I know that this teaching is true and cannot be understood without direct experience. It must be tested individually.

Use the formula below to measure and to amplify your productivity. Insert the number of hours that you worked as your Input. Insert the aspect of your business that you want to measure, such as total sales, as your Output.

Productivity Formula: 

Total Output/Total Input x 100 = Productivity


60/75 x 100 = 80%

  1. Practice

You now possess the tools to think, plan and act in alignment with your mission. The final step is to practice. 

The external hurdles that we experience only grow as we take on more responsibility. So, it is essential to learn to lead from alignment now – before the stakes get higher. 

As you try this framework, remember: You can’t mess it up. Everything is learning. So, relax, be present, and enjoy your journey to living and leading from alignment.

Ultimately, serving as an aligned leader will breed more success for yourself, your team and your clients. It also will breed more success for your family, your community and the world. 

As a result, you can make your world and our world better – one aligned action and day at a time. This affords you the opportunity daily to lift or to lower the consciousness of the planet. Which option do you want to choose?


Much Love,


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