Given a choice, would you like to relieve stress or rather release it?

To relieve stress, different people resort to different ways – ranging from healthy, such as exercise to unhealthy, such as drugs and alcohol.

Regardless of how healthy a stress relief technique is, its effects are temporary.

Wouldn’t you rather release the stress – let it all go?

Most people aren’t aware that stress is a choice.


It is true, nevertheless.

Most of us are extremely conditioned in our responses that we automatically react in a certain way in a given situation and are also geared to visualize all negative outcomes first. For instance, what is the first thought that comes to your mind when someone cuts you off in traffic or your boss constantly makes unreasonable demands of you?

It is not that you are never able to handle it all. Some days you can simply shrug it off and go about your business. But there are days when even little things lead to a breakdown.

Remember that stress is a choice.

What would happen if you change the way you look at things?

The little things wouldn’t matter any longer.

Someone cuts you off in traffic. Applaud yourself for driving with awareness and possessing sharp reflexes and driving skills to save yourself.

Now, the boss situation. Try standing in your boss’s shoes one day. Are all his/her demands unreasonable? And if they truly are, focus on doing your best and how else can you manage your work. And maybe, be open to new opportunities, if you want to move on.

The above examples do not mean you deny what is happening around you. It just means that you choose not to let the situation overwhelm you.

YOU decide whether you would focus your energy on the solution or stay awake at night worrying about it.

To train your brain to do so, you can learn about mindfulness meditation that helps you focus on the present moment, preventing stress in the first place.