Do you constantly tell yourself what you should or shouldn’t be doing? Do you find yourself judging your actions and even your inactions?

It’s normal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t change this habit if you want to. Today, we wanted to give you some insight on how to start changing your thinking, your language and ultimately, your life.

Every time you use the words should or shouldn’t, you are judging yourself or others and in essence saying that what you or others are doing is wrong. We don’t know what anyone else should do, so our job is to figure out what we want to do.

Take relaxing on the couch for example; Do you ever find yourself relaxing and then a thought creeps in: “You shouldn’t be relaxing, you should be working/exercising/socializing/doing something”. Does your attempt to relax, transform into a personal attack? If so, there’s help.

We want you to completely remove the words Should and Shouldn’t from your vocabulary and your mind. Start by writing down these words on sticky notes and leave them around the house where you will see them. Start to bring awareness to your language and soon you will stop using these words all together. Your mind will have more space to relax and your life will have more freedom and ease.

The language you use limits your reality, happiness and health, so start transforming your mind from the inside out and remove should and shouldn’t from your life today.

We will be talking more about language in the coming weeks and it’s gonna be a big game changer for you. We guarantee it.

Dedicated to your growth,

Nick + Justin


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