A new normal is coming and you can chose to stay stuck in the past and in fear or lean into your emotions and start to make changes for the future, now.

When new challenges and new pain comes our way, old ways of dealing just won’t get the job done. This means new tools, new resources and new ways of thinking are required.

Change isn’t coming, it’s already here. Are you ready to embrace it?

It’s unrealistic to think that your emotions will be constant and predictable at every stage of life, especially now. That would be assuming that you won’t be moved by challenges, pain or joys—that, instead, you will be robotic. Emotions are human, emotions are data that help us learn and grow.

Being able to experience emotions like happiness, sadness, frustration, and joy is what qualifies the human experience. Being able to be present with them and not let them control you is what qualifies as self-control and eventually self-mastery.

You can be the one riding your emotions with steadiness and ease or the one being thrown around by them, just like the “rider and the horse”.

Will you be the rider? The one in control, the one who is steady and confident? Or will you be unsure, scared and the one being thrown around by your emotions? Most of us have no control over our emotions and are being ran around by an unwieldy and wild horse.

We then wonder why we have no self-control and why are lives aren’t working. There’s no more time for us to live without self-control, the time is now to wake up and take control of ourselves. No one else can do that for you.

If you feel like you’ve been experiencing an influx of emotions lately, that’s normal!

My emotions seem to be changing more than ever, almost moment to moment. My wife has been calling me “Radio” lately, as my emotions change from one channel to the next. You may be going through some major changes in your life right now and probably are.

Rather than try to fight it, embrace it! These emotions are on your journey with you—an ever-changing, exciting, unpredictable journey. Ride and guide your emotions, use them, feel them and trust them. Learn to be present with them so you build a relationship with them.

Teach the rider and the horse to be on the same team, working towards the same goals: peace, non-judgement, present moment reality, less fear, more joy.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed by your smattering of emotions, remind yourself that you’re paving this road for yourself. (I know, that’s a big pill to swallow right there.)

You’re choosing to experience these feelings because you know they will lead you to the next big step in your life. Embrace them, and enjoy them because it’s part of your journey! Be present in this amazing journey of life and use this moment to see that life is ever changing and not always in your control.

As you learn to ride your emotions, you can learn that even though you can’t control the external world around you, you can always control the internal world inside of you.

Be the rider.