When we change one thing, we change everything. When we change a big thing in our lives, we transform our lives.

Now that the dust has started to settle and we’re hitting our third week of our extended home-stay, new habits and new normals are getting engrained into our lives and minds.

I’ve noticed a stronger sense of calmness and a stronger sense of “now is the time to make change” this week for sure. How about you?

It’s important to understand that our lives have changed and they will continue to change and there is no “going back” to how things were. We’ve changed and now our destinies have changed, it’s just the truth.

So, how do you know if you’re really ready to change and be different? Well, here’s a few signs:

One telltale sign that someone is ready to change their life is by their friends. For example, someone who has been living a lonely life decides to start making new friends. This person makes it their mission to get involved in the community—attending book clubs and fitness classes—with the hopes of revamping their social life. By making this change, this person isn’t just boosting their social fluency. They are turning around their life. Maybe this isn’t what you are working right now, but maybe this helps you shine some light on what material you are working.

Another example is someone who has a group of friends but grows tired of them. They realize that their friends are not uplifting and positive influences, so they decide to expand their horizons and meet new people. This can also be happening in your intimate relationships, your career or other areas of your life right now too.

Perhaps you fall into one of these categories, or maybe you’re on a different track with your social life, especially now. Regardless, when you make a change in your social life, you make a difference in your overall experience. It’s not an easy or quick process, but it’s worth the time and effort needed to pivot your life in the right direction.

Take time now to look at your new social life and learn if it’s serving you or if it isn’t and decide what changes you want to make now and moving forward.

You’ve got the time and space to do so, if you choose.