Have you recently started a Yoga Practice or do you feel your yoga practice has hit a plateau? Here are 5 quick and easy tips to improve your Yoga practice.

Don’t Rush

Make time for your Yoga class or practice. Do not rush into the practice without giving yourself enough time to prepare. Give yourself a breather as you take time to change and unroll your yoga mat. Take a few minutes before you begin, stay calm and shift your focus inwards.

Expect Nothing

This may have surprised you but keep your expectations in check. There may be days when you surpass your expectations in a challenging pose but there may be days when you simply can’t. Our bodies are reflections of our mental states, beliefs and several other things going on in our lives. So, keep your expectations low. As your practice grows stronger, achieving and holding poses will become easier.

Follow Your Teacher

Your teacher is a teacher for a reason. Many people tune out once they become comfortable with a pose! Your teacher’s comments or suggestions can serve as incredible feedback to improve your practice or take it to the next level. Skilled Yogis, such as Nick Palladino in San Francisco, don’t teach yoga poses, they teach students how to be in yoga poses.