Today’s quick and easy recipe is loaded with protein, veggies and is paleo (well, almost).

For lunch, I wanted something to really fill me up after a good workout, so needed a wide range of nutrients in my meal. That means it needed to have a lot of protein, a good amount of carbohydrates and some healthy fats. After working out I’m big on eating a full meal, I find that this helps reduce muscle soreness the next day and helps my muscles grow lean and strong.

Here’s what you’ll need in order to make this meal which will last you 3-4 servings;

Vegetable and Soup in distance

1lb. grass-fed beef

1 egg (organic, free-range)

1tbs. grass-fed butter

1 cup coconut cream

1 carton organic low-sodium chicken broth

1lb mushrooms

1lb mixed veggies

1/2 lentils, pre-cooked (to make fully paleo, exchange sweet potatoes for lentils)

1tsp. pepper

1tbs. curry powder

1tsp. red pepper flakes

salt to taste



1) Mix beef and egg together in a bowl and roll into meatballs. Make about 10-12 balls.

2) Cook meatballs in butter on medium-high heat for 10 minutes until about 75% cooked.

3) Throw all other ingredients into soup broth, cover and cook on medium-high heat.

4) Once meatballs are done, reduce heat on broth and throw meatballs into the soup. Simmer on low for 5 more minutes

5) Remove soup from heat and pour into bowl. You can also pour soup onto a heavy helping of fresh greens which will cook on your dish. Maybe even top with a sliced avocado.

Place remaining soup into the fridge and simply reheat when your ready for more. This recipe is super simple, quick and easy to make and loaded with all the nutrients you need to build strong muscles and lose weight!