You have probably heard how an increasingly large number of people are learning to live healthier and happier with mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient meditation technique that reduces stress, relieves anxiety and depression, and helps you live a happier life.

Whether this is your first time meditating or you have a regular practice, the following tips will help you start your mindfulness meditation practice well.


Do not tell yourself that you would start the coming weekend or a certain day. It’s easy to get excited about beginning your practice but the real thing is to make the commitment and BEGIN.

Set a Time and Space

Set aside some time (about 10-15 minutes initially) for your meditation. It is not difficult to find 10 minutes in the busiest of days.

For beginners, it is important to set aside a separate space, without many distractions, for your mindfulness meditation. For best results, begin your practice in a quiet, solitary environment. Create a setting that is comfortable so that physical discomfort doesn’t distract you.

Stay with Your Breath

Begin by closing your eyes and just becoming aware of your breath, without forcing it. Focus on how you inhale and exhale and the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen with it.

Paying attention to your breath allows your brain to become calm and your body to relax.

Simply Observe

Do not try too hard to focus on something. During the meditation, you may feel distracted or bored, even anxious. Experiencing any thoughts and feelings is part of your mindfulness meditation.

By simply observing your thoughts and emotions allows you to detach from them instead of reacting to them.

Return to Your Breath

Whenever you realize you have become distracted or you are judging something, simply bring your focus back to your breath, just as you did in the beginning on your meditation, and start again.

Regular Practice

Mindfulness is rewiring your brain that is conditioned otherwise. This may take some time. So, be patient and practice every single day. It is a good idea to practice at the start and/or the end of your day.