Anxiety can exhaust you physically as well as mentally. Thankfully, you can reduce your anxiety and stress with simple mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness refers to being in the present moment and paying attention to things we normally rush through.

Here are 6 simple ways to be mindful to relieve anxiety and calm your mind.


Doodle for a couple of minutes every day. It will give your mind a break. You can buy inexpensive adult coloring books too.


Being outdoors can reduce anxiety. As you walk, observe the sounds around you, feel the breeze against your skin, and the smells. Leave your phone at home, if possible and spend the time focusing on your senses and your environment.

Look at the Sky

Look up at the sky every time you move out. Whether it is the vast blue expanse during the day or the stars at night, pause, take a few deep breaths and look up at the stars.


Make a cup of tea for yourself while focusing on each step. Observe how the water swirls when it boils and the smell of the tea leaves. Notice the steam rise from the cup and feel the warmth of the cup against your hand.

Do one thing at a time

Before you begin a task, set a timer and give that task your full attention. Multitasking can easily wear you out.

Use household chores as breaks

Relax into the moment. Hum a fav tune while doing the dishes or breathe deeply while you wait for the microwave timer to stop.