It is taking over the Internet. It is creeping across the walls at yoga studios. It is infesting the TV and books that we consume. And we are pouring time, money and energy into catching it: HAPPINESS!

The signal pulsing the following message at us is becoming oppressive: If you are not happy, something is wrong with you.

Well, that is false.

Asana – the practice of yoga postures – and meditation do not teach us how to be perpetually happy. Instead, they teach us that there is nothing wrong with being unhappy. To experience a range of emotions is to be human. These practices show us how to become OK with the inevitable discomforts of life so that we can live across the full spectrum.

Check out today’s Vlog as a bonus post for this extra week in March! In it, I explain further why it is not all about being happy and calm all of the time. It is about being present. It is about being true to yourself and real with what you are experiencing in every moment.

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